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Imagine you have been transported to a women’s prison in the heart of Chicago where women are currently awaiting trial for their murderous crimes of passion.  In the midst of the raging 1920s, where society was full of glamour and the trappings of a glitzy world, the underbelly of America’s society was full of terror and shameful behaviour as people strove to be a part of the glitz. That’s the setting for this show that will be produced by the Thames Music and Drama society from 18 - 25 May 2024.

Audition schedule

  • Saturday 2 December: before the actual auditions there will be a workshop for interested people to come and see what will be expected.

  • Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 December: auditions begin at 12 noon and will finish at 5pm with 15 minute slots for each person to 'dazzle' the creative team.

  • Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 December: call backs only.

The creative team aim to finalise their selections by the end of the day on Sunday 17 December and let everyone who has attended know the following week. Please make sure you book in for both the Audition Workshop and Auditions separately using the buttons below if you will be attending both.

Audition information 


Apart from being 16+ (as this is an adult show) the directors are not looking for any particular age groups but rather a collection of actors who blend together well in voice, movement and stage craft. They're looking for good voices, able movers (ladies in heels) and actors that will be prompted by direction. 


There will be a chorus as well as an ensemble that will focus on singing and dancing respectively - some will double up and also have character roles. There are five roles in particular that will require excellent voice, movement skills, memory and acting prowess: Velma, Roxie, Mama, Amos and Billy. 

Please come to auditions with a song prepared from the below - note that an accompaniment will be provided and the tracks linked here can be used to practice with.

Chorus and ensemble - All That Jazz

Velma - I Know a Girl

Roxie - Funny Honey

Mama - When You're Good to Mama

Billy - All I Care About is Love

Amos - Mister Cellophane

Mary Sunshine - A Little Bit of Good

Please make sure you have booked in for the Audition Workshop and an Audition using the buttons above. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition slot to fill out a pre-audition form.

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