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Imagine you have been transported to a women’s prison in the heart of Chicago where women are currently awaiting trial for their murderous crimes of passion.  In the midst of the raging 1920s, where society was full of glamour and the trappings of a glitzy jazz scene, the underbelly of America’s society was full of terror and shameful behaviour as people strove to be a part of the razzle dazzle. Welcome to the world of ...CHICAGO!

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  Rated M - warning: sexual scenes & violence, language may offend  

FRI 17 May          7.30pm      OPENING NIGHT

SAT 18 May         7.30pm

SUN 19 May        2.00pm      Matinee

THU 23 May       7.30pm

FRI 24 May          7.30pm

SAT 25 May         2.00pm      Matinee


NB. Seats are allocated so chose carefully. Row AA and A are on the flat suitable for those who can't easily climb stairs or are in a wheelchair. The rest are tiered seats. 

Adults                      $42

Seniors                    $37

Students                  $37

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