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“Emergence”AUDITIONS - Jan 22nd & 28th

On March 17-19th, Thames MAD will present four short original plays by emerging directors.

Each piece will be about 20-30mins long, with some possible sharing of actors for smaller roles in different plays. If you’d like to challenge yourself to act on stage for this first time, this is a great place to start.  Fewer lines to learn and a short rehearsal period. All auditions held at Tararu Rooms. Check out the details below.

AUDITIONS:  Sunday 22nd January   1.00pm-3.00pm        contact Laura on 02040752009 for more info

Title of the play:                             I am not broken

Writer and Director:                       Laura Hamilton
Synopsis:  The play is essentially a monologue from the perspective of Nina, a mid 30s professional woman, describing her experience in the aftermath of a sexual assault, perpetrated by someone in a position of trust, whom she knew. The play is an unfolding of the interactions that Nina has after the assault - people’s reactions, her own processing, her experience in court and her own inner resilience.  The other minimal ‘voices’ in the play will be played by a combination of onstage presence, and with pre-recorded voice over. This is an emotionally demanding piece. 

Main character/ Nina :  Key character, majority of lines in the play. Essentially a monologue. Female, mid 30s

Supporting characters:   Male, mid to late 30s.  Minimal lines, approximately 7 – 8 through the course of the play                                        Female, mid 30s – Nina’s inner voice.  Few lines in the play, some physical acting.

                                       Friends – no lines, one scene, some physical acting.  3 – 4 people, male and female, 30s                                         - early 40s


AUDITIONS:  Sunday 22nd January   3.30-5.30pm             contact Peter on 0272097785  for more info

Title of the play:                             Freeing Ava

Writer and Director:                       Peter Marshall

Synopsis:  This short play is an adaptation of an excerpt from a novel called “Freeing Ava” by a local writer.  It represents the final part and most influential chapter of the novel.  The play follows the journey of a middle aged woman, Ava, through her treatment in hospital for a eating disorder.


Ava:                               Woman in her thirties / young mother.  Ava initially is absolutely distraught but as                                                   the play progresses she begins to be happy again.  It’s really important that Ava can                                                 show a progression of emotions through the scenes as we watch her rehabilitation.

Jade:                               Teenager / young adult.  An anorexic patient in the hospital, she needs to be colourful,                                            energetic, dynamic, fun but also at times melancholic, sad and lonely.   Often all in one                                          scene.

Patsy:                              Nurse, any age, generally warm nice disposition and sense of humour, enjoys a bit of                                              banter.  Is a busy person on stage, needs to develop some regular movements from                                                  scene to scene to create sense of repetitiveness.

Trudy:                             Doctor,  professional, dry, older person. (small part, only really one scene) Needs to be                                          able to deliver a fairly boring, longer dialogue whilst Jade and Ava act around her,                                                  making fun of her, without her really reacting.

Jason                               Man -Voiced recording only

Isobel                              Young Girl - Voiced recording only


AUDITIONS:  Saturday 28th January   1.00pm-3.00pm    contact Erin on 0274494740 for more info

Title of the play:                             The Change

Director:                                         Erin Wigley and written by Diane Connors

Synopsis:  This play highlights the challenges women face when going through menopause – but from a man’s perspective. Set in a bar/pub most of the action centres around a conversation between three male workmates on a subject rarely spoken about by women. 


Andy:                            Older male (40s-60s), old school thinking, on the edge of divorce, not very empathic on                                         the subject

Dave:                             Male early to mid 50s, supportive husband of his wife as she goes through menopause.

Chaz:                             Male (20s-30s) enlightened Gen Y, brings a different perspective

Denise:                          Dave’s wife. Struggling with almost all the symptoms of ‘the change’ – crossover scenes                                        demonstrate very short snippets of her experiences, some with no dialogue at all.

AUDITIONS:  Saturday 28th January   3.00pm-5.00pm          contact David on 02041376534  for more info  

Title of the play:                             Best Laid Plans

Writer and Director:                       David Bull

Synopsis: For these men, things haven't quite turned out. They're dealing with their own personal disappointment of lost hopes and dreams, and are now coming to terms with the reality of what lies ahead.  Can they salvage something from the ruins of their predicament? Is there redemption to be found amidst the heart-breaking reality that is now staring them in the face?  George has lost his best friend; dead by his own hand. Curley's wife also lays lifeless; his future now crumbling around him.   All appears lost; will they let despair overwhelm them or will they find the answers to find new hopes for the future?


The innocent :                     young person (12-18 female) naive, unblemished by the troubles of life

The sage/Slim:                   wizened older person (60+ male) world worn, battered and beaten by life, guide to                                                  the innocent

George :                               man in his prime. (28-48) full of physical vigour yet emotionally spent. Able to sing                                               and or play guitar

Curley :                                young man (18-28) short stature but physical.

Curley's wife:                     (18-40) deceased. Exists as a spectre. 

Candy :                                older man (60+) disabled. Able to sing and or play guitar, able to box/fight. Acts as a                                               foil to Curley.

Crooks:                                 older man (50+) able to sing and or play guitar. Of ethnically diverse background.                                                  Becomes a significant person to George.





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