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Wed 5th April 7-9pm
Thur 6th April 7-9pm
Sun 9th April 2-4pm

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staged 15-24th June 2023


This comedy play is set in modern day Northern England.  Think Coronation St ish.  It follows the story of Molly and Dolly, lifelong friends & neighbours.  Dolly has become more confused and forgetful lately.  Her kids are ready to sell up everything and move her into a home.   Molly would do anything for her best friend, in a heartbeat.  But can she do what needs to be done?

Their kids have all grown up together - school, holidays  - and now an unfortunate love triangle has developed.  AND what have Stan & Ernie been potting around with down at the allotment? 


Molly Brown - 60’s - 70’s, salt of the earth

Stan Brown - 60’s - 70’s, Molly’s husband, cheerful, long suffering, loves his wife

Dolly Carter - 60’s - 70’s, Molly’s best friend since they were children, they are thick as thieves. She is widowed.

Paul Brown - 30’s - Molly and Stan’s son, gay, but not camply


Dolly’s children:

Helen Carter - 30’s - 40’s, (She has a husband, Nigel, and children, who we never meet on stage)..

Mark Carter - late 30’s, Handsome but a player.  (Has a fiance, Jennifer who we never meet on stage).

Lucy Carter - 30’s

Jack Carter - 20’s


Mrs Lavinia Cholmondeley-Smythe

(pronounced “Chumley-Smythe”) - 50’s - 60’s, Posh nosy neighbour

Mr Ernest Smith (Ernie) - 50’s - 60’s,  Grumpy old bloke always moaning, married to Mrs Cholmondeley-Smythe

Abigail Cholmondeley-Smythe   - late 20’s - early 30’s,  year old daughter of above couple, Lovely lass.  Nicely presented, not a snob. Grounded in reality.

Pamela Clark - 50’s, Mrs C–S’s sister.  Scruffy, a bit rude and likes to wind Mrs C-S up however she’s family so Mrs C-S has to put up with her. (small part)

Mr/s Jarvis - 40 - 60, Real estate agent, brisk, a bit pushy (small part)

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