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When auditioning - be prepared, be relaxed, be confident.  Ask questions if you are unsure what is being asked of you.  And don’t be afraid to ask for a second chance if you muck up. However with all the best preparation you are still going to audition for parts sometimes and not get them.  Don’t beat yourself up too much.  You may have done a great audition but just not be what the director had in mind for the role.  That’s show biz! 

And remember…    

“80% of success is showing up”  Woody Allen.


How to Audition

Prior to Audition

  • Know when auditions are being held – join the company to get on their mailing list

  • Contact the company to ask for further info about the show; rehearsal schedule; production dates;  themes, storyline and genre; preferred audition pieces and/or song

  • Learn a piece of dialogue or monologue off by heart

(check out for short monologues)

  • Learn a song off by heart (if appropriate)

  • Ensure that you practice the piece(s) with the appropriate emotion, intensity of voice and movement

On the day of Auditions

  • Make sure you are fresh & well rested

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing 

  • Know exactly where you are going and arrive early

  • Do some positive self talk to get nerves under control  

  • Introduce yourself to the company member who is assisting with the audition process

  • Complete any registration forms required 

  • Use any waiting time to read any script excerpt available

  • Go over your prepared audition pieces

  • Remember to warm up


Exercise One - Body

Roll shoulders back then forward.   Swing arms in big circles like a windmill.  Swing arms side to side at should height while twisting at the waist. Drop you body weight forward and flop down towards the floor. Straighten up slowly and take another breath in and out while shaking out your arms and legs. 


Exercise Two – Mouth & Face

Repeat the following saying, slowly at first then getting faster “Lips, Teeth, Tip of the Tongue… Teeth, Lips, Tip of the Tongue”.  These are all the tools you need to be able to annunciate your word properly.  When these are warmed up you can also do face relaxing exercises.  Clasp your hands in front of your chest as if trying to wrestle yourself; shaking your hands as you move them towards your face and away, up and down.  Your jaw and tongue should be relaxed.  Then stretch the jaw by opening your mouth wide then relax again.


Exercise Three – Vocal chords

Warm up your vocal chords by singing the scales.  You can use numbers counting up and down the scales from 1 to 8.  This will also get your brain working.



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