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This five year strategy was reviewed and updated at our 2020 AGM.


STRATEGIC PLAN 2016 – 2021 Version 6

Finance and Governance

  • Financially sustainable – annual (1st April to 31st March) membership fee of $10, with show levy of $5 per show.

  • Ideally each show should be profitable or at least break-even; at least one grant successfully applied for per major show.

  • Committee membership of no less than 5 (not including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), with at least one being in the “NextGen” category.

  • Comply with current Health And Safety Law requirements as much as is reasonably practicable and maintain a H&S policies folder.

  • Financial reporting as per the requirement of the Incorporated Societies Act.

  • Ensure the ongoing upgrading and replacing of equipment (sound, lighting and staging) by providing $2000 per annum to be spent at the technical rep’s discretion.

  • Submit an annual operating budget to be adopted by the society at each Annual General Meeting.

  • Develop Business Sponsorship packages to help fund shows and run workshops.

Training and Education

  • Provision of at least one local youth workshop every year.

  • Support annual attendance of representatives to suitable workshops as and when available.

  • Financially support attendance by at least one society representative as our Delegate to all MTNZ annual conferences.

  • Attendance at Zone Meetings by at least 2 committee members.



  • Collaboration with other community groups such as the local high school and other theatre groups to ensure productions don’t clash.

  • Have at least one production each year that is non-musical.

  • Ensure that all relevant MTNZ production surveys and annual surveys are completed.

  • To be inclusive as possible with casting to ensure that our productions reflect the diversity of our community.

  • Support long term viability of the society by encouraging new members, and especially younger people, to participate in all aspects of theatre production.



  • Maintain and extend where possible the use of social media and our website.

  • Ensure a newsletter and newspaper advertisement is produced early each year that highlights activities of the society for the year.

  • Have a newsletter go out electronically that is at least quarterly.



Updated July 2020

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