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We recently purchased some units that make for quality, sturdy and flexible staging options.  When it comes to portable stage systems, Intellistage™ is world renowned for creating the highest quality, most innovative modular staging products on the market today. The beauty of Intellistage™ is that it is completely modular, platforms are easily assembled and you can change the size, shape or height of your stage as needed. We have a reasonable range of units and some accessories like stage skirts, cat walks and choral risers.

Load Rating: Intellistage platforms have received a structural report from EXPO engineering; an industry recognized engineering firm, who have deemed a safe load rating of 900kgs per sqm.  

General Rate: 1 x 1 metre platform for $40 incl GST + Delivery & set up; 2 x 1 metre platforms for $60 incl GST + Delivery & Set up

Whatever your function we are sure to be able to serve your needs.  

We will supply, deliver and set up for you. 

Contact us for a quote today.

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