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Coming to the Thames Civic Centre September 9th-16th

A family friendly jukebox musical written by Diane Connors for the 60th anniversary of the Thames musical theatre group.  

So you think you know the fairytale legend - well think again. In this expose, we learn the truth about a self-centred, spoiled brat; a distraught stepmother just trying to do her best; a heartbroken princess-to-be, Cindy; and a 'charming' young prince who just can't deal with the high expectations put upon him.  

Some wish they could escape their lives to the wonderful fantasy land they have often heard of in stories - California!

But be careful what you wish for - sometimes dreams turn into nightmares...

SATURDAY      9th Sept       7pm

SUNDAY         10th Sept       2pm

SUNDAY         10th Sept       7pm

WEDNESDAY 13th Sept       7pm

THURSDAY     14th Sept      7pm

FRIDAY            15th Sept      7pm

SATURDAY      16th Sept      2pm

SATURDAY      16th Sept      7pm

Adults              $28

Seniors            $25

Students          $25

Children          $15

Rated - PG  (contains some adult references)  No bad language or violence, mild displays of affection 

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