Reading Sheet Music
for beginners

sheet music.jpg

Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd 
3-5pm   (koha only)

"Designed to make music reading clear for absolute beginners be they 5 years old or 95 years old. Simple, fun, participatory and enlightning,"  explains workshop facilitator Linden Moyle (Thames Citizen Band)

Programme Day One


Create a Beach: Welcome & Setup 10 minutes

Session 1:

Chasey off the rocks: Playing in 3rds on the keyboard: 20 minutes

Getting closer together(still off the rocks): Playing Chasey in 3rds & 2nds: 20 minutes

G&F Clefs.

Reading the beach – grass, sand & sea -Playing & singing a Chorus in parts: 20 minutes

Picnic time: Cuppa tea: 15minutes

Session 2:

How’s your brain? Other ways of finding the notes: 15 minutes

Marathon training on the beach – questions, individual help 1 hour

Programme Day Two


Setup 10 minutes

Problem solving 10 minutes

Sand and rocks: (reading sharps and flats)20 minutes

Sniffing on the beach: Rhythm Reading in Simple Time: 30 minutes

Cuppa tea: 15 minutes

Running the marathon: Learning a new song from All Together Now!