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9th - 16th Sept 2023
Thames Civic Centre 


This new jukebox musical written by Diane Connors for our society's 60th Anniversary. It features great music from 1963 and has lots of roles for young people as well as adults. A family show for everyone.


MUSIC: Please be  prepared to sing the start of either "What About Me"  or "Da Do Ron Ron" and a song from the show that matches the role you are interested in.  

MOVEMENT:  The choreography will mostly be simple and effective storytelling movement.   We will also incorporate rocknroll and moves such as the Mash Potato, the Watusi, the Swim, the Twist, the Hully Gully and the Pony for some people. You will be asked to follow a series of simple steps at audition to gauge your musicality and rhythm.   Please dress for movement and wear closed toed shoes. 

ACTING: You do not need to prepare a monologue for your audition.  Readings from the script will be  requested for any speaking roles.

Auditionee Details

Thanks for submitting your details. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Thursday 29th Nov  7.00pm - 9.00pm : Auditions (anyone)      
Saturday 1st July  1.00pm - 2.00pm:  Free Audition Workshop for Youth

(a chance to learn a song and moves from the show to give you an advantage when auditioning)
   Saturday 1st  July  2.30pm - 4.00pm : Auditions (for youth)
Saturday 1st  July  4.30pm - 6
.00pm : Auditions (for adults)
   Sunday 2nd July   1.00pm - 4.00pm : Auditions (anyone)


Looking for tweens/teens and twenty somethings for the Princesses, Charming, Lesley & Johnny; Looking for kids for the 'dwarf' characters (with a double ups) and various ages for other roles.  Changes to the script can be made if needed to fit the needs of our casting.

Judy White  (Snow White)- a vain, bully who manipulates others to get what she wants

Cindy (Cinderella)  - a nature loving woman from humble beginnings who is engaged to marry into royalty

Prince Charming - Cindy’s fiance who is naively seduced by Judy (could be played by a woman, pantomime style)

Statler – one of Charming’s trusted footmen

Waldorf  – one of Charming’s trusted footmen


Aurora - a sweet young princess with a sleeping disorder, narcolepsy

Jasmine - an exotic looking princess 

Ariel - a mermaid princess who is fascinated with her legs

Moana - daughter of an island chief

Storyteller -  narrates some of the story

Grimhilde - Judy White’s stepmother - NOT an evil sorceress.  Grieving widow struggling with a rebellious stepdaughter

King Alderich – Judy’s deceased father (singing only)

Delphinium the Druid – powerful and manipulative wizard


Harold (Sleepy)- a short, tired character

Edith (Sneezy) -  a short character with bad allergies

Lawrence (Doc) - a short physician

Dorothy (Happy) - a short jovial character

Edna (Grumpy) - a short, short-tempered character

Bernard (Dopey) - a short, bright character with a stutter 

Elmer (Bashful) - a short, shy character


Lady Flora – Judy’s Lady in waiting

Lady Fauna  - Judy’s Lady in Waiting

Lady Merryweather – Judy’s Lady in Waiting


Lesley - a young woman in the 1960s, dating Johnny

Johnny - a young man in the 1960s

Peggy Sue - Lesley's mother

Honey - a stray dog befriended by Lesley


Ensemble - Villagers, Party goers,  - occasional line, sings 


SONG List 

Me Too  - Meghan Trainor -                                      (Judy & ladies in waiting , princesses & ensemble)              3:01

What about me – Moving Pictures                            (Ladies in Waiting & ensemble)                                             3:37

My Wish – Rascal Flatts                                            (Grimhilde & King Aldrich)                                                  3:35      Breakfast in America – Supertramp                          (Prince Charming)                                                               0:37

California Dreaming – Mama & Papas                    (Charming)                                                                            0:41

California Girls – Beach boys                                   (Statler & Waldorf)                                                               2:20      

Working in a coalmine – Lee Dorsey                        (Dwarfs)                                                                                 2:30

West Coast  - One republic                                        (Cindy)                                                                                   2:30

Da do Ron Ron Ron - The Crystals                           (Dwarfs)                                                                                 1:10
Don't worry be happy - Bobby McFerrin                 (Delphinium & ensemble)                                                       4:30

Hippy Hippy Shake - the swinging blue jeans            (Band)                                                                                    1:46

Make the world go away - Ray Price                         (Band : under dialogue)                                                        2:31

It's my Party - Lesley Gore                                         (Lesley)                                                                                 2:20
If you wanna be happy  -  The Coasters                     (Adult chorus)                                                                      2:23
I only want to be with you - Dusty Springfield           (Honey & Lesley)                                                                 1:25
You don’t own me - Lesley Gore                                 (Honey)                                                                                 2:20
Surfin Safaris  - The Beach Boys                                 Adult ensemble                                                                    2:08

Shake a tail feather - The 5 dutones                           (Band )                                                                                 2:20
Shoop Shoop Song (It's in his kiss) - Betty Everett     (Peggy Sue)                                                                         2:16
Grass is always Greener- Emma Stevens                   (Storyteller/Ensemble)                                                        3:53

Land of 1000 dances – Wilson Pickett                      Curtain Call                                                                          2:26

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